Raymond Huisman


Born and raised in Canada, Raymond has lived most of his adult life in the Netherlands. Originally a trained and qualified psychotherapist, he has extensive experience in the fields of health care, training and development, education and business. His diverse background makes him uniquely qualified to assist individuals realize their potential on both a personal and professional level.
raymond huisman

Raymond currently works as a coach, trainer, supervisor and consultant. In addition to maintaining a private practice, he works in a variety of settings in the Netherlands and internationally. These include training centers, educational institutions, professional practices and organizations in both public and private sectors. In whatever role or context he is engaged, Raymond brings a wealth of expertise and resources for change to his clients and strategic partners.

As a trainer heĀ has developed numerous programs for the general public, special interest groups and organizations. These range from high-impact seminars to multi-year certification programs in coaching. His specialty is designing and delivering customized programs with a psycho-educational focus, applying the principles of transformational learning.

In his work as a coach, Raymond makes use of best practices and innovative methods to facilitate rapid and sustainable change. Core-Oriented CoachingĀ® is a model he developed as a result of integrating diverse therapeutic and coaching modalities. This combines the principles of modern depth psychology with the most effective techniques from the field of accelerated human change and development. His approach to goal achievement is based on alignment with the mission, core values and vision of the individual, team or organization.

Raymond has been working in a professional capacity for more than 30 years with people from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds, helping them to empower themselves, achieve their goals and live to their fullest potential.

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Raymond has professional associations with various partners in the Netherlands and abroad: trainers, educators, consultants, healthcare practitioners and medical specialists. All are seasoned and dedicated professionals who share a common purpose and vision regarding personal empowerment, leadership development, organizational change and health and wellness.

There are a number of ways in which a collaborative partnership can be of significant added value through the sharing of knowledge and expertise. Organizational consultancy, in-house training and integral healthcare services are just a few of the options available.

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